Sustainable Innovation in Venture Capital

Our theme for #VCWS2016, Sustainable Innovation

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Our Upcoming Events are Presenting Finance, Technology, Entrepreneurs and Business Investors.

Creating and offering solutions for economic growth and facilitating innovation by analysis of current and future trends. Delegates can attend Free, including up to all business employees or even possibly sponsor the event also FREE, on either 5th October in London or the 14th October in Cardiff, provided qualifying criteria is met.

Our partner Community Sustainability Business are investing in order to create new profits and become more sustainable. As a result, our events now have access to a pool of funding to enable us to provide benefits to our delegates.

Venture Capital World Summit 2015

These events take place as part of an international series running from June to December 2016 where the upcoming event is taking place in London on 05 October, and then continuing in Cardiff on the 14 October 2016, and then ending the year at Silicon Valley on the 8th December.

#VCWS2016 will seek to find ways of dealing with innovation, with a particular focus on the finance market, technology and future trends.

The events are designed in such a way, that celebrates outstanding and extraordinary innovators, including key inspiring high net worth individuals and up and coming talented individuals of the future.

In this context, Venture Capital facilitating Entrepreneurship development and risk management trend analysis. Delegates are presented also with more Business funding including alternative finance opportunities. Also new insights learning new and trends from new markets, and many networking opportunities.

As this the third year the Venture Capital World Summit event runs. Elio Assuncao, founder of the event, says “Many stage participants always use their own real-life experiences affected by economic trends as a motivation combined with a desire to improve and change their current status. The talks are sources of inspiration for projects and innovative ideas. As a result, it always helps delegates with new insights on how to prevent bad experiences from happening. The Venture Capital World Summit is a way for people who are interested in finance funding and investment to come together and find solutions that can make a real difference in investment development and their respective allocations for best returns with excellent analysis and tools”.

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