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Swiss FinTech Ladies Association VC World Summit

Swiss Fintech Ladies

Promotes science and networking with companies in the finance, tech, fintech and blockchain industry. Gender equality and diversity, leadership 4.0, especially in the financial and fintech industry, is considered key to achieving the United Nations global sustainability goals. Women are underrepresented in technical professions, in the financial world, and especially in the fintech industry. The participation of women in the technology, finance and fintech sector will boost the economy and give women full participation in society.

Elite Magazine Venture Capital World Summit

Family Office Elite

The most respected “Family Office” magazine in the world that caters to the ultra-wealthy sector. Stands out from the rest because the majority of our articles are written by leading experts from within the wealth sector, family offices, private equity firms, wealth management firms, private banks and many other sectors. There is no other publication anywhere in the world like it. The list of institutions and brands we have partnered with or have contributed to the magazine is a who's who of the finance and wealth space.