World Series Seasons of Investment Conferences

Investors and Investor Ready Entrepreneurs Meet Globally.

Delegates can better connect, be inspired, learn and conduct valuable evaluations in a World of market opportunities

Here to help businesses get capital and expertise as they need to scale up

The Venture Capital World Summit helps businesses strengthen and grow internationally.

Delegates can benefit through our trusted network and World Series of events. Backed privately since 2013, our conferences also showcase the support available to entrepreneurs on a city and international level. Why is this necessary? Regional diversity and international policies continue to play a big role in international businesses, from helping entrepreneurs with the best contacts and partners, to providing investment funding and or investment tax considerations. For this reason, taking a local perspective is crucial to supporting entrepreneurs around the world with global ambitions. By creating more value and more opportunities for investors and investees by presenting insights and a stage that adds reputation, visibility and increased valuations for participants.

The Venture Capital World Summit are international registered businesses in the USA, UK and EU founded by Elio Assuncao. Each individual company is a completely separate entity with operations in different Countries and Continents, although they share the same Branding. The USA registered company operates in North America. The Ltd company operates in the UK, and the OU company operates across the EU and Asia.

Silicon Valley 2022 Q4 Venture Capital World Summit
Silicon Valley 2022 Q4 Venture Capital World Summit