World Series Season, Amsterdam 17 April 2023

Amsterdam is filled with exciting entrepreneurs and innovation from around The Netherlands and beyond.

Companies that are looking to connect and choose their best VCs in their views to go into business is always a considerate match making process, sometimes complex in final deals. Founders would like to be sure that they have the best possible investor match for their company’s vision. On the other hand, what the the VCs can offer in terms of resources, network and experience.

The Venture Capital World Summit with its own diversity, offers unique perspectives for our attendees and investees. Our vision and offering is based in helping and making companies grow fast by succeeding and reaching worldwide markets.

VCs are investing in a wide range of innovations from robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, quantum computing, internet of things, healthtech, foodtech, cleantech, proptech, among others.

At our event in Amsterdam, we are bringing our local and international partners to the summit, so don’t miss it.

The day will start at 09.00 hours am with registrations and networking, It will include presentations, discussions panels, networking sessions, pitches and meetings throughout the day.

Amsterdam is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, making it a prime location for venture capital investment. In recent years, the city has seen a surge in the number of startups and scaleups, attracting the attention of both local and international venture capital firms.

One of the leading venture capital firms in Amsterdam is Peak Capital, which has invested in companies such as Picnic, TravelBird, and ParkBee. Peak Capital focuses on early-stage investments in the technology sector and has a strong track record of supporting startups as they grow and develop.

Another prominent venture capital firm in Amsterdam is Dutch Venture Initiative (DVI), which is backed by the Dutch government. DVI invests in startups that are working on solutions to societal challenges, such as climate change and healthcare. DVI has invested in companies such as BioBeats, a digital health platform, and The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit organization working on solutions to plastic pollution in the oceans.

In addition to these firms, Amsterdam is home to a number of other venture capital organizations, such as Holland Venture, InnovationQuarter, and Orange Growth Capital. These firms provide funding and support to a diverse range of startups and scaleups across a variety of sectors, including technology, healthcare, and sustainability.

The city’s vibrant startup ecosystem is further supported by a range of incubator and accelerator programs, such as Rockstart, Startupbootcamp, and Techstars. These programs provide startups with access to mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities to help them grow and succeed.

Overall, Amsterdam is a thriving hub for venture capital investment, with a strong track record of supporting startups and scaleups as they develop and grow. The city’s diverse and innovative ecosystem makes it an attractive destination for investors looking to support the next generation of successful businesses.

Amsterdam 2022 Venture Capital World Summit
Amsterdam 2022 Venture Capital World Summit

Model Agenda

Conference Location

Blossom at Creative Point Amsterdam
Kanaalstraat, 130, Amsterdam, H, 1054

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