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World Series Summits that offer unprecedented insights into the world of venture capital

Venture Capital World Summit offers delegates World Series Seasons of Investment Conferences to better Connect the World

Global Community of Investors

Here to help businesses get more capital and expertise as they need to scale up, and grow internationally with the support if required from our trusted network.

Our message to international businesses and entrepreneurs is simple: attend our international conferences and get in touch well before. We want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to get the investment and international opportunities.

With Exclusive Exposure to Cutting-Edge Technologies and Investors

Our conferences are designed to bring investors and visionary experienced entrepreneurs together

We are more than pre-revenue or newly start-ups, we are the next level of business growth

We prioritize and welcome companies in attendance that wish to present, network or pitch to our global audience by the following criteria:

Have cash flow positive, minimum twelve months in operation.

Can demonstrate intrinsic positive impact and the ability or intentionality to measure their impact.

Likely to generate quality financial returns while making a positive impact in the World.


Attending World Series Seasons

Apply to Pitch or Speak (Delegate Ticket Required)

Why Join Us

Global Audience

Reaching Investment and Entrepreneurial Communities. Represent Your Brand as Innovative, wide-reaching and Leader

Networking In-person

Meeting Influencers and Trending Businesses. Business Relationships, Gain Trust and Investment. Covid Safety Guidelines Apply

Unlock Potential

Economic and Venture Capital Market Analysis, Learn as Future Leaders, Develop and Share Insights. More Opportunities World Community

Sustainable Scale

Empowering Development and Growing Local Economies with Technology Insights and Opportunities with Human Capital Sustainability

World Series Seasons 2023 - 2024 Investor Conferences

London ~ Berlin ~ Amsterdam ~ Paris ~ Zurich ~ Frankfurt ~ Miami ~ New York ~ Boston ~ Chicago ~ Toronto ~ Austin ~ Silicon Valley ~ Los Angeles ~ Seattle ~ Singapore ~ Sydney ~ Hong Kong ~ Shanghai ~ Beijing ~ Seoul ~ Tokyo ~ Mumbai ~ Bengaluru


Well organized conferences, and the quality of delegates is well worth attending
Lyndsay Doyle Venture Capital World Summit
Lyndsay Hugh Doyle
I really enjoy attending these conferenes, learning how best grow my portfolio
Karen Newton Venture Capital World Summit
Karen Newton
These are not just Marketing conferences, they add value to communities.
Giles Thorley
Giles Thorley
Investment Bank

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Venture Capital Trends Europe

Venture Capital Trends Europe

In Europe, the VC industry has seen significant growth in recent years, driven by a number of trends. Venture capital (VC) is an important source of funding for startups and early-stage companies.

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2023 Ticket Offers

Seoul 09 March 2023

 399.00 54,999.00

2023 Ticket Offers

Shanghai 10 October 2023

 399.00 54,999.00

2023 Ticket Offers

Silicon Valley 23 June 2023

 399.00 64,999.00

2023 Ticket Offers

Singapore 16 Feb 2023

 399.00 54,999.00

2023 Ticket Offers

Sydney 22 Feb 2023

 399.00 54,999.00

2023 Ticket Offers

Tokyo 14 March 2023

 399.00 54,999.00

2023 Ticket Offers

Toronto 13 June 2023

 399.00 54,999.00

2023 Ticket Offers

Zurich 06 Feb 2023

 399.00 54,999.00