It is emerging a pattern where many investors are diversifying

Their market locations where they traditionally tend to invest

As a result many are looking beyond the popular Silicon Valley

The pattern will continue to be noted as many investors and startups businesses will travel to Vancouver, for the third annual GROW Conference.

It is widely recognized the importance of startup businesses that have to connect with these Venture Capitalists, where many startups depend on accessing people who can and will fund businesses.  Neverthless, in most cases it not a straight forward process and may take up to a year or so to get deals solidified and signed on paper.

Silicon Valley is a small city,  where investors converge and most startup businesses based there cannot turn a corner without seeing an investor looking for an opportunity of investment.

Venture Capitalists based on the Valley really are starting to look elsewhere, and a good proactive example is that of  Geeks on a Train. Another great quality of Venture Capitalists is that in most cases they are early adopter of ideas and technology, with a savvy and smart approaches to business thinking and implementations. Furthermore, most Venture Capitalists are more than happy to travel and meet their best prospects including the best deals.

Venture World Summit, is hoping to bring some influential investors to the UK as some interest has already been shown, as a result the year 2013 should be great.

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