World Series  in New York

Inaugural Event 28th June, tickets here

The New York Venture Capital activity is ranked 2nd in the U.S. and terms of data also in the World. As an example between 2013 and 2014, Venture Capital funding produced a 53% growth in the City.

To detail since the start of 2009, venture capital investors produced over $8 billion into New York startups. In comparison to other U.S. venture markets. Furthermore, New York emerges as the only major geographic hub that grew its share of Venture Capital deals and funding to tech companies. In 2013, New York recorded its largest investment exit at Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr which has been one of the New York’s five largest investments exits since 2009 from Venture Capital.

Based on the growth in New York’s tech startup scene are several companies that have raised large amounts of funding and continue to provide momentum onto the ecosystem with IPOs.

New York Venture Capital World Summit 2018
New York Venture Capital World Summit 2018

On the 28th June 2018, attendees of the New York Venture Capital World Summit will be able to learn, debate, invest, and connect with leaders on the future challenges facing Venture Capital in dynamic Markets.

This is a prestige event aimed at promoting and celebrating business innovation, and as mentioned previously is designed to be the “Oscars” of Venture Capital. The agenda for the event is structured into five distinct sections, namely:

Expert discussion panels
International Pitching
Keynote speakers

We welcome interested startups and investors to either present, network or showcase their products or services, simply send us an email so we can get in touch with you following our analysis.


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