Brussels 22nd June 2016 at Galerie du Roi

An international event promoting a wealth of business opportunities

With representatives from International Funds, Investment in the context of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Social Innovation

Extraordinary innovators in a collection of key players, outstanding leaders, inspiring high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs ranging with amazing stories and development insights in the context of the finance industry and related technology solutions

Notably Venture Capital in the context of Entrepreneurship, Business funding and latest innovative trends. The event is also in line with the philosophy, aims and objectives of many other Europe 2020 flagship initiatives for partners and projects across Europe. Many opportunities from the USA will also be present.

Sponsors you will have an area within the event reception at this remarkable conference centre, a nominated speaker to address the conference for 30 minutes. Additionally, access to an exclusive green (networking) room with distinguished VIP guests.

The benefit of speaking and attending the event is that it will put you and your business in the forefront of 120 or more high quality delegates that will attend this memorable summit event that will allow delegates and speakers to convey important and breakthrough messages and demonstrate expertise and position on a global stage in front of international media that will report on the event.

Venture Capital World Summit Logo

This is an event that ensures reputation and high integrity is a key priority from all involved, thus organizers will ensure all delegates will want to engage in a conversation, and partners of record will receive ROI which will remain active during many months after the event.

There will be keynote speakers in each section with a collective expert panel during the event. Additionally, there will be time allocated for invited high net worth individuals and unique opportunities and assets to be able to pitch to investors. Event partners will also be seen as supporting local, national and international businesses and relevant communities, thus receiving long-term exposure and recognition from our post-event promotional activities and videos with over 100.000+ audiences.

Additionally, being at the forefront will ensure that your involvement will be seen as being a champion supporter and promoter of the Entrepreneurial International talent. Thus, offering delegates an in depth look at the many principles that have been used over many years and how it can benefit new and more customers across different Countries and regions.

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