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World Summit Conference Event Tips

We are now giving our readers essential tips for success while attending a summit event. There are three stages for a successful strategy and being able to reap the rewards of participating at the Venture Capital World Summit 2015. This guide can be used measure business success and can be shared to anyone which can be employees, representatives or conference attendees.

The three essential stages for success at the Venture Capital World Summit are: Before Event, During Event and After the Summit Conference Event, and we are now detailing the stages below.

Before the Conference

  1. Business Exposure

Maximizing Summit attendance experience by participating at initial postings for the conference, such as social media promotions and related hashtags #VCWS15, by emailing the conference organizer (Elio Assuncao) directly to ask if there is anything the business can help to make the Summit stand out even further. While a business is participating in this way,  it will be among hundreds of other participants, where your business has a visible role, which sets your business apart from the crowd.


  1. Build Stronger Relationships

A conference is the time to meet new people, but it’s also a time to build on the relationships you already have. If you know of people you want to reconnect reach out a few weeks before the summit conference to set up a time to meet during coffee breaks or during the lunch break while you are at the event.


  1. Get prepared.

Take the time and devise a plan for business success. Clear defined goals for the summit conference, which speakers would you like to meet, how a business is you going to ensure this happens, perhaps a VIP ticket where there are reserved seating with unique business introductions.


During the Summit Conference Event


  1. Follow All Instructions and Be on Time.

At a World summit, there are welcoming sessions on the agenda, ensure your business is present to listen to distinguished opening speeches that tend to include special announcements which will be essential to all attendees in benefiting from the event. This gives a business not only inside fresh news but also meeting other participants who, just like you, are a little uncertain and looking to form new relationships.


  1. Remember What You Learn

With days full of speakers, there is a lot to take in, and certainly businesses are not going to remember all. It is a good practice to collect notes and information in a way that makes it easy to access when returning to the office.  At the end of each presentation and Q&As, write down the three key takeaways and any follow-up you want to do on the topic or with the speakers. This will help jog your memory and give you specific to-dos when you return to work and your colleagues.


  1. Connect With Expert Speakers

The speakers and discussion panels at any conference are key experts. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or hang around (even as the last person) at a session to say hello, tell them you loved the presentation, and grab their business cards. And if you don’t get a chance to ask your question in person, you can always follow up by asking them on social media such as Twitter.


  1. Social Events

Definitely make time to attend the world summit social event, they are a great opportunity to connect with people in a more relaxed setting.


  1. Put Away the Smartphone

While at the World summit conference your full attention is important, and you don’t want your electronic devices to be a barrier to make valuable business connections introductions.  Although there is no need to disconnect completely, put the phone away while taking a break coffee/tea, and give yourself a chance to start conversations with the other attendees around you.


After the Conference


  1. Friendly Follow-up

At the world summit conference, you were collecting business cards, new introductions, and enjoying all presentations and valuable insights. Afterwards, within a week of returning from the event, send a personal follow-up to everyone you met to let them know you enjoyed meeting them. Also set up a phone call or face-to-face meeting with anyone you specifically want to do business or build a relationship with.


  1. Make the most

You gained a lot of new information, inspiration, and contacts at the conference, and one of the best things you can do with those resources is to share them with your fellow co-workers, colleagues, and friends. Send out videos of the sessions you thought were particularly valuable, give a talk about something you learned at your next staff meeting. You’ll spread your knowledge and your colleagues/employees will appreciate and feel inspired.





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