Many Thanks to Everyone

Venture Capital World Summit 2014

It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to work, meet and connect with such highly distinguished delegates, speakers and sponsors which made everything possible and their invaluable support. This event has proved to be unique, friendly and rewarding following the fantastic success on last Friday 17th October 2014

It certainly has not been an easy event to organize, however a world summit it is expected never to be an easy task and everyone should be proud of their achievements, having reached peak performance and unlocked many opportunities in their leadership development and more business results

Now for 2015, which can only get bigger and better with more Countries participating will surely make this event the focus of the Business and Finance World look with interest on the opportunities, news and connections to be made at this high achieving event, where the best of the best will share their experiences to both established businesses and up and coming Entrepreneurs.

In 2015 the main event will be around the 16th October 2015, so smaller events being planned throughout the year.

The videos are currently being edited, and should be made public very soon.

You can register for 2015, by clicking here.

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