World Series 2018 Silicon Valley at San Francisco Bay in Redwood City

International Investment Event on 29 November

Silicon Valley continues to receive more venture capital funding and producing more investments than any other region in the US, furthermore in terms of the pool of the world’s investments Silicon Valley is successful in attracting a quarter of all the World’s investment for Entrepreneurs.  With such large amounts of funds available, it then follows that the nearest region in the US with almost half of those amounts in comparison can be seen in New York, and in the overall combined numbers Silicon Valley alone receives and produces more investment than the whole of Europe.

Venture funding by nature is always a risk most of its profits are designed to made on a very few extremely successful investment stories. Subsequently the San Francisco Bay area due to its concentration of deals has displayed many more success stories than anywhere else, which in turn, continues to attract more venture firms to this US region. Specifically, Venture deals are being sourced and applied with larger amounts and at a later stage. At this World Series of events in 2018, we will run our event in Redwood City at the Pullman Hotel.

Venture Capital World Summit is an international multi-event for businesses looking for investment and investors to connect, it is a global community for investors and investees. Designed for Scale-ups looking for Series A investments. #VCWS2018.

The Venture Capital World Summit is here to help businesses get the capital and expertise they need to scale up, strengthen and grow internationally through our trusted network and World Series of events. Backed privately since 2013, the Venture Capital World Summit is now currently raising its first own investment fund of £40m that will incorporate a mixed share of private, public and non-profit sources for the benefit of businesses looking for Series A funding over the next ten years.

Silicon Valley 2018 Venture Capital World Summit
Silicon Valley 2018 Venture Capital World Summit

This is a prestige event aimed at promoting and celebrating business innovation, and as mentioned previously is designed to be the “Oscars” of Venture Capital. The agenda for the event is structured into five distinct sections, namely:

Expert discussion panels
International Pitching
Keynote speakers

We welcome interested startups and scaleups, together with investors to present, network or showcase their products or services, by simply sending us an email so that we can get in touch very soon.

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