We accept bookings/orders on the understanding that if we cannot meet our obligations because of circumstances beyond our control, we will not be held liable for loss suffered by you or a third party. This includes (without limitation) a change in the agenda or in the eventuality of a required alteration to the venue and / or speakers, due to force majeure including any third party producing a failure in delivering any service. This also applies during conference hours or any last minute booking by individual or corporate delegates. 

Venue Rules

You must comply with all rules, regulations, and other reasonable instructions of the owner of the venue at which the event is taking place.

Photography and Video Recording

Photography and/or recording (whether visual or aural) of the proceedings of the event without our prior written consent are strictly prohibited and are a breach of copyright where we reserve all rights. This limitation does not apply to Conference Sponsors and Brand owner.

Personal Effects

We are not responsible otherwise liable to you for loss or damage to your personal property while you are in attendance at the venue at which the event is taking place.

Liability and Refunds

Except in relation to personal injury/death arising from our negligence or fraud, we shall not be liable to you for any sum greater than the amount you are liable to pay to attend the event. You the buyer, understand the terms and conditions of this booking

Tickets are non-refundable anytime, except in the case if the event is cancelled. Visa cancellations or non-approval or international border barring does not constitute a reasonable ground for a refund. Visa into the Country where conference is being held (if applicable) is rejected by authorities then the evidence of Visa application and rejection documentation must be provided for a ticket transfer to another event at a different Country.

Tickets can be reallocated and transferred to other conference locations when buyer gives prior notice at least 72 hours Local times, in advance and buyer pays the difference on the fee, if applicable. Any event date being postponed due to local and or international regulations, restrictions or otherwise, does not constitute an event cancellation rather postponed to a future date.

Ticket Registration Details Are Non-Transferrable to Non-registered Delegates including any employee of the same company/organization or colleague without prior approval from the organizer.

Any delegate that fails to attend due to medical reasons, or any other incapacity including transportation failure, weather adversity, unexpected situation beyond our control, is expected to have own personal or company insurance to cover any expenses or ticket fees in order to claim expenses via their own insurance, as we are not liable for any of these situations beyond our control.

In the case where a user purchases more than one ticket, and then at least one user entitled / ticket allocated registration, attends any event, then refunds cannot even be considered for the initial purchase that includes more than one ticket holder.

If you are intending to purchase ticket/s you are required to agree to these terms and conditions / disclaimer, prior to making payment and attending the conference/s.