World Series Season, Paris 21 April

The French Capital hub is filled with exciting entrepreneurs and innovation from around France and beyond.

Companies that are looking to connect and choose their best VCs in their views to go into business is always a considerate match making process, sometimes complex in final deals. Founders would like to be sure that they have the best possible investor match for their company’s vision. On the other hand, what the the VCs can offer in terms of resources, network and experience.

The Venture Capital World Summit with its own diversity, offers unique perspectives for our attendees and investees. Our vision and offering is based in helping and making companies grow fast by succeeding and reaching worldwide markets.

VCs are investing in a wide range of innovations from robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, quantum computing, internet of things, healthtech, foodtech, cleantech, proptech, among others.

At our event in Paris, we are bringing our local and international partners to the summit, so don’t miss it.

The day will start at 09am with registrations and networking. It will include presentations, discussions panels, networking sessions, pitches and meetings throughout the day. 

Paris has a thriving venture capital (VC) ecosystem, with a variety of firms and investors focused on funding and supporting startups in the city and across France. In recent years, the Parisian VC scene has grown significantly, with a number of high-profile deals and successful exits.

One of the major players in the Parisian VC landscape is Kima Ventures, a seed-stage VC firm that has made over 700 investments in startups around the world. Founded by Xavier Niel, one of France’s most successful entrepreneurs, Kima Ventures is known for its hands-on approach to supporting its portfolio companies.

Another prominent VC firm in Paris is Idinvest Partners, which has over €6 billion in assets under management and a focus on technology and digital health companies. Idinvest has made numerous investments in French startups, including Deliveroo and Deezer, and has offices in both Paris and Berlin.

In addition to these VC firms, there are also a number of angel investors and accelerators operating in Paris. Seedcamp, for example, is a European-focused accelerator that has supported numerous Paris-based startups, including Algolia and Agricool.

Paris has also attracted the attention of international VC firms, with many setting up offices in the city to tap into its growing startup ecosystem. These include Battery Ventures, which has invested in French companies such as Sigfox and Showroom Privé, and Accel, which has backed companies such as BlaBlaCar and Criteo.

The French government has also played a role in supporting the development of the VC industry in Paris, with initiatives such as La French Tech and Bpifrance, which provide funding and resources to startups and VC firms.

Overall, the Parisian VC scene is vibrant and growing, with a diverse range of firms and investors supporting the city’s startups. As the ecosystem continues to mature, it is likely that we will see even more high-profile deals and successful exits in the coming years.

Paris 2019 Venture Capital World Summit
Paris 2019 Venture Capital World Summit

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Conference Location

Hotel Westminster Paris – Salon Capucines
13 Rue de la Paix, Paris, 75002

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