Series 2017 of the Venture Capital World Summit

The City of London hosts our distinguished event 04th October

Welcoming Distinguished Speakers and Delegates at Landing Forty Two

London Venture Capital World Summit
London Venture Capital World Summit

Our agenda is packed with highly distinguished speakers including:

London Mayor Office Representative

Chris Meadows of IQE

Giles Thorley
Keith Teare
Racha Ghamlouch
Steve Karmeinsky
Russell Dalgleish
Stephen Sacks
Rasha Khawaja
Jessica Dick
Debu Purkayastha
among many others

In our Country Program, Countries can present up to 5 Technology high growth Startups. Furthermore, Finance Wales is one of the largest investors in the UK in high growth startups is also expected to be among the audience.  An event with many opportunities not to be missed, so please purchase tickets now to avoid disappointed as we now have limited capacity.

Delegates will have access to our private app for the duration of six months after the event, so that further contacts and deals can be made among our network.

London Venture Capital World Summit
London Venture Capital World Summit

The Venture Capital World Summit is the recognised provider of choice for businesses seeking solution-focused guidance and a more holistic, tailor-made approach to business models financing and investment. A global summit event that brings together pre selected award winning companies from all over the world.  The Venture Capital World Summit, will also very soon be able to make its own investments, where they will be targeted to Series A funding in the region of £1-5 Million per investment, as the company is scheduled to be awarded with its own funds as long term funding funds.

We are looking forward to next event London on the 04th October 2017 where tickets already have limited availability, to avoid disappointed and that crucial connection which can be pivotal to businesses, book here now.  Following London, we have more opportunities at Cardiff Capital City on the 20th October, and we then end our current series at San Francisco USA on the 23rd November.

Please watch introduction video below, by the founder:

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