World Series 2018 Continues in Brussels

Event 30 May, tickets here


Venture Capital is currently at high levels and growing.  European investment continues to grow and on the year of 2017 it reached €74 billion following the publications by Invest Europe, following the trend where investors are focusing on a preferable source of returns in low-yield as derived from the current environment.

Furthermore,  European venture capital although being overseen in the past by its larger counterpart on the US setting, it continues to expand, and there are now encouraging data that Silicon Valley is no longer solely producing “unicorns”.

For some Investors that are not yet familiar with Europe’s opportunities may overlook this VC market, thus missing on its potential. The European valuations are a fraction of those in the US in comparison, for example in Europe $1 billion-plus tech companies are priced at 18x earnings, compared with 46x to the US, as stated by GP Bullhound. By getting involved now, investors have an opportunity to back better valued companies and as a result benefit from its considerable returns potential.

Brussels Venture Capital World Summit 2018
Brussels Venture Capital World Summit 2018

Our event on the 30 May is an opportunity to meet dynamic pre-selected companies with high growth potential and VIPs from across the world.

Attendees will be able to learn, debate, invest, and connect with leaders on the future challenges facing Venture Capital in dynamic Markets.

This is a prestige event aimed at promoting and celebrating business innovation, and as mentioned previously is designed to be the “Oscars” of Venture Capital. The agenda for the event is structured into five distinct sections, namely:

Expert discussion panels
International Pitching
Keynote speakers

We welcome interested startups and investors to either present, network or showcase their products or services, simply send us an email so we can get in touch with you following our analysis.

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