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Dr Brian Antao
Dr Brian Antao


OPTICAL COMPUTING by Tundra Systems Global Ltd

New software and models are needed to enhance scalability and the performance for large number of applications.
•  The next challenge is high performance system, low latency, easy scalability with low power consumption.
•  The classical semiconductors technology is inefficient to provide the right solution.

Here an introduction the OPTICONDUCTORS, the future of semiconductors
“There are serious exascale-class problems that just cannot be solved in any reasonable amount of time with the computers that we have today,” Buddy Bland, project director at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

In contrast to previous optical computing approaches, we are using the state-of-the-art Quantum Models implemented using Photon Polarised Optical Technology in Indium Phosphide.
• We want to design the All-Optical Processor from basic Optical Domain first principles and realise an end product line of “All-Optical” High-Performance Computing Workstations/Servers.
“Optical computing, while entrenched in our daily computing and communication infrastructures, must create all-optical computing solutions to truly capture the opportunity of optical –speed of transmission. Hybrid electric/optical systems will always be limited by the conversion of photons to electronics, and back. Like a bullet hitting a lead wall, then being converted to a bullet again, in order for a computing operation to be completed.”

Investment required: £3 Million


Moriah Priestley
Moriah Priestley

Fenixrising Ltd

  1. Strategic overview of healthcare system in uk
  2. Key areas to watch in health care
  3. Background – expertise, experience and USP
  4. The gap in the market that Fenixrising will be delivering

Investment required: £2 Million

Moriah Priestley area of excellence focuses on procurement, commissioning, service redesign, process mapping, review and improvement. I also major on organisational transformation, and lean principles
Partnership and relationship development via engagement and consultation techniques

Policy and strategic development across a range of areas within health, communities, social housing, economic development, welfare to work and education, commercial and public/private financing initiatives.

She delivers with a sharp focus on customer service and people development. And has have very good judgement and decision making aptitude. Her experience has spanned public, private and community sector over the past 14 years using an array of skills within my management and professional toolkit. Working on various corporate and joint sector (merger) programmes.



Alan Thomas
Alan Thomas

Alan Thomas @alanROYGBIV

Atacsia a Fi / Ataxia and Me  – Founder

• A NEW and EXCITING “Start-up”.
• A patient led, Patient Focused organisation.
• Based in Wales, plus being online means Worldwide access and recognition.
• Benefitting patients of this “Life-Limiting” Rare disease with information and preventing the feeling of isolation.
• Unique in encompassing Ataxia, associated rare conditions and movement disorders.
• Innovative and Unique in being keen to promote Co-production, Collaboration, Patient engagement.

Very keen to promote Patient Engagement in to ALL issues regarding the well-being of patients.

As a patient of a “Life-Limiting” rare-disease, Alan will convey this message from his point of view.

Already known in the Rare-disease community as” The Rare-disease Warrior” for this continued campaigning, at many levels from patient forums, local and regional Health boards and Welsh/UK government organizations., as well as taking part in many Global conferences, in person or via the internet.

‘Ataxia’ means ‘lack of order’. People with ataxia have problems with movement, balance, and speech. It is a “Degenerative” (in my case, it is a very slow degeneration) there is currently no cure for this “Life-Limiting”, Neurological, condition.