The Best From Around The World Meet

Welcoming the Best in Venture Capital

London is the largest Financial Capital in Europe

Wealth of business opportunities will be discussed and presented

The ‘Oscars’ of VC, with Influential Venture Capital Businesses Funds will attend a major International Business Finance Conference. Where a wealth of business opportunities will be discussed and presented with representatives from International Investment Funds and reported by World Finance Media.

London Venture Capital World Summit
London Venture Capital World Summit

The venue is the remarkable Landing Forty Two at the heart of the City of London. With Influential Venture Capital Funds presenting analysis and discussions will be available to all delegates that attend this major international business finance conference. The Company event agenda is packed with distinguished speakers, where bookings can be made here now.

This is the Premiere Venture Capital Event of The Year, which is an one day distinguished event joining outstanding leaders in Venture Capital Finance Funds and Finance Business Leaders. London is the part of the United Kingdom which is the wealthiest and most dynamic entrepreneurial start-ups in Europe that have received investment. The UK investment market is worth billions of pounds, and business owners are keen to meet the leaders of Global Venture Capital. As London is the largest Financial Capital in Europe, and is also considered to be one of the most Entrepreneurial Countries in Europe with in excess of 290,000 businesses working within a culture of Enterprise and Innovation.

We are really looking forward to this 2017 distinguished event. It will be an exciting and innovative event and many surprises are planned, which will certainly make it memorable for all delegates, speakers and a small selection of exhibitors” says Elio Assuncao, Director of Venture Capital World Summit Ltd.

Please watch introduction video below, by the founder: