European Maker Week

The European Maker Week

An initiative promoted by European Commission

Implemented by Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with Startup Europe

Venture Capital World Summit Ltd is a proud local sponsor, organized by Elio Assuncao in Cardiff UK.

European Maker Week

Drawing European citizens to the “Maker world” and the FabLab, Makerspaces, Hackersapce and the Hardware Startups Environment.

The aims of European Maker Week are twofold:

To create awareness about the importance of the maker culture to foster an education of creativity and innovation in all schools across Europe.
To build bridges between local authorities and media and the main players of their own local makers ecosystems.

During  the European Maker Week the opportunity is for:

  • Workshops and informative courses
  • Conferences and talks about innovative maker projects
  • Project exhibitions and shows
  • Meetings with the business  world to stimulate synergies between makers, craftsmen and industry
  • Meetings with local Institutions to promote public policies within: the digital technologies field, the shared manufacturing space and the Hardware Startups.

The Cardiff European Maker Week Agenda will be announced shortly.

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