Brussels Summit Series 2017 Event Summary

Series 2017 of the Venture Capital World Summit

The City of Brussels hosted our distinguished event on 22nd June

Event Round-up with another Milestone achieved

The Venture Capital World Summit is the recognised provider of choice for businesses seeking solution-focused guidance and a more holistic, tailor-made approach to business models financing and investment. A global summit event that brings together pre selected award winning companies from all over the world.  The Venture Capital World Summit, will also very soon be able to make its own investments, where they will be targeted to Series A funding in the region of £1-5 Million per investment, as the company is scheduled to be awarded with its own funds as long term funding funds.

Our next event is in London on the 04th October 2017 where tickets already have limited availability, to avoid disappointed and that crucial connection which can be pivotal to businesses, book here now.  It then follows the Capital City of Cardiff on the 20th October and San Francisco on the 22nd November 2017.

Please watch our event summary video below, at our Brussels event by the founder:

Brussels Venture Capital World Summit 2017
Brussels Venture Capital World Summit 2017

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