Venture Capital World Summit 2015 Media Partners

There are investments, partnerships and speaking opportunities available on 16th October

Venture Capital World Summit 2015

Our first international official media partners are: FamilyOffices, Global Crowd News and LDJ Capital.

This is an event that creates Meaningful Opportunities, New Business Relationships as well as cementing your position as a World Leader in Venture Capital to a National and Worldwide Audience.

South Wales, and Cardiff which is the nearest Capital city to London city has at the moment infrastructure projects currently being planned which will be announced at this event, including a new Metro link transport system to serve around 2 million people in South Wales to be completed by 2027. Business Wales and South West of England is an area of the UK where this event will be directly influenced and of interest which amounts to one of most wealthiest and most dynamic entrepreneurial start-ups hotspots in the UK.

Sponsors are to offer opportunities with expertise in an exclusive event opportunity to present to the business world. Furthermore, a company’s vision, and operate in new markets with many opportunities. Additionally, making new business relationships with other companies looking for funding and grow their businesses which benefits operations from our delegates and partners. Subsequently, businesses can present their solutions and services on a world stage reputation.

Sponsors you will have an area within the event reception at this remarkable conference centre, a nominated speaker to address the conference for 30 to 40 minutes. Additionally, you will be offered a workshop room to deliver a more candid seminar and access to an exclusive green room with distinguished VIP guests.

The benefit of providing a speaker is that it will put you in the forefront of 700 or more delegates that will attend the event that will allow you to convey your message and demonstrate your expertise and position on a global stage in front of international media which will report on the event.

By speaking at the event and having a whole page in the event magazine ensures that delegates will want to engage in conversation with you.

As sponsors have access to a very wide variety of sectors, technologies, global reach and distribution channels which are capable of securing large scale investments from Start-up Enterprises based on the well know Start-up nation, enabling private investors with high net worth individuals, then we are sure that just one high profile deal opportunity will exceed the cost of attending and partnering with this wonderful event.

It is also a great brand exposure opportunity for sponsors due to Local and national media presence in the UK including the possibility of international media, as well as having relevant international opportunities presented by international delegates.

This one day distinguished event that will bring together a collection of outstanding leaders in Venture Capital and your business can be one of them.

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